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PLM for Small and Midsized companies

PLM for small and mid-sized companies

With growing global competition and increased legal requirements particular in the area of environmental and quality assurance, small and medium-sized companies must monitor more closely their processes and risks. PLM is a platform that meet these requirements. The small and medium-sized companies also have a golden opportunity not to fall into the challenges as the early adopters who early had to introduce this type of solution.

What is PLM?

PLM is a system designed to manage all product-related information over its lifecycle. The system is part centric and all information is linked to the article (the salable item). Structures are built based on these articles that represents the complete salable product and manages all the information created in the lifecycle. Change process is of course also a very central component of PLM.

Why invest in PLM?

We can see that companies invest in PLM because:

  • Production via contract or in another location/country makes greater demands on correct documentation
  • Quality and authorities demand that processes are followed and documented Reduce the number of new products and components.
  • Reduce the number of new products and components.
  • Purchasing department want to streamline processes and reduce prices.
  • Reduce errors by controlling information and connection to ERP.

Why is the time right now for small and medium-sized companies?

PLM has change during the years developed from large complex systems that more or less has to be customized for each customer to be well-packaged easy to administer and cost-effective to implement. The large companies have invested a heavily to understand how PLM is to be used, this can all companies benefit from. Today we ask, nor small or mid-size customers what do you want to do, but from a number of standard processes, we propose efficient methods. Buzzword like “Agile Development” and “Lean” is now standards.

What do PDSVision to meet the requirements?

PDSVision over the years has completed over 200 implementations of PLM and together they have generated:

  • Effective methods and processes.
  • Development of simplified interface for occasional users
  • Reporting and analysis tools for management.
  • Customizations and proprietary software that streamlines and quality assures processes.
  • Support processes that take greater responsibility and facilitates the work.
  • Well-packaged deliverables.
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